black mamas club

Black Mamas got a club

You don’t want to join

Unpayable Admission fee

Forced to enter . . . where no one wants to be

Sabrina, Tamika, Regina,

Fran, Gina

Hearts knitted in pain

A club of Sacred lost


To Violence

Violence from their Brothers

Violence from Others

Outside the Community

With legal immunity

Scorched Flesh/Raw Pain

Systematic ton on Mamas Breast

America . . . feel her pain

She can’t . . . We can’t . . . breathe

The Black Mamas club


No New Members

Please . . .







I had A Dream

I had dreamed Freedom for all
Political Prisoners
End/Compensate all
Arrest the Police
Stop selection. . .based on Complexion
I Dreamed
My Black Life Mattered
That Justice was for all
Liberty a tree. . .that included me
No more Prisoner Industrial Complex
Knee on necks
I awoke in a sweat/choking on the Reality
of this American Dream
Reminiscing on King
Who also had a Dream
That still hasn’t come true
Hughes said it was deferred
Malcolm denied
For his Mama. . .Floyd cried
Did she hear him. . .do you hear me
Maybe we both sleep
Dreaming different Dreams
Digesting different lies
What you see as aggression
Is really ingestion
I’m bloated on your bullshit
In the streets calling you out on it
Better get use to it
I’m dreaming of Freedom
Protesting, Marching and looting until
I get it.








Letitia James

Say her name
     Letitia James
Middle Passage Stallion
     Black Woman
Intellectual Tower
     Of Power
Fighting the good fight
     Standing for Right
From NYC to You
. . . and me
Sued the Klan (NRA)
. . . and Trump roast ass along the way
Gotta give credit
     where credit is due
Letitia James
     We the People
     With You








black people don’t forget

Joe Biden
     We like you better than Trump
But you still a Chump
     think we forgot the 1994
Crime Bill
     that caged our community
     Nah uncle Joe
     We ain’t forget
     Better Not
Plan to hold your pale feet to the fire
     Demanding Systematic Change
     Beyond Kamala Harris
We remember her record as a DA
     Wasn’t that stellar
Happy we are, but sister girl
     We watching your ass too
Peeping number one . . . and number two
     See exactly what they do
     Don’t Perform
     Don’t Reform
Come election season
     You’ll know the reason
     We screaming
Fuck you too.